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[desktop computing workbook]

[the ethics of photojournalism]

[on floods and photo ops:
how herbert hoover and george w. bush exploited catastrophes
: index]

[images that injure pictorial stereotypes in the media]

[photojournalism an ethical approach]

[the spiral web on the nature of coincidence]

[visual communication images with messages]

[visual journalism a guide for new media professionals]

[the zen of photography]

Book Chapters
[visual symbolism and stereotypes in the wake of 9-11]

[visual communication and an ethic for images]

[girls can be doctors and boys can be nurses: surfing for solutions for gender stereotyping]

[images and stereotypes]

[military censorship of photographs]

[photojournalism ethics timeless issues]

[chronicle of higher education commentaries]

["ethics matters," columns for news photographer magazine]

[kufm, montana public radio commentaries]

Published Articles and Works in Progress
[analog vs. digital instruction and learning with Cynthia King]

[photographic coverage during the persian gulf and iraqi wars with Cynthia King]

[urban screens: the beginning of a universal visual culture]

[living with pornography: an essay in exactly 1,000 words]

[engaging the news: rethinking journalistic presentations]

[writing for the masses: the trick is not to mind]

[developing state-of-the-art instructional materials]

[digital literacy: visual communication and computer images]

[faking images in photojournalism]

[the portraits of christopher columbus]

[riding the information choo-choo ]

[syntactic theory of visual communication
[bulgarian translation by albert ward ]

[the role of photojournalism in mass communication education]

[using the internet as an ethics resource tool]

[virtual photography when images become real]

[the WWW is a place for learners]

[speech during the atlanta photojournalism seminar]

[african american pictorial coverage in four u.s. newspapers

[digital hegemony: the clash between words and pictures]

[hey o.j., nice shoes]

[in (and out) like flynt]

[on the n- and f-words: quantifying the taboo]

[searching for journalism credibility in this dotcom world]

Book Reviews
[susan sontag and brian goldfarb book reviews]

[michael carlebach book review]

[ted koppel: we hardly want to know ye]