Visual Communication Images with Messages, Fourth Edition, (C) 2006

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The web of our life is of a mingled yarn, good and ill together.
William Shakespeare, 1564 - 1616

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sense, select, and perceive|
light |
eye, retina, and the brain|
color, form, depth, and movement|
visual theories|
visual persuasion|
media stereotypes|
visual analysis perspectives|
graphic design|
informational graphics|
motion pictures|
television and video |
world wide web |
more you know; more you see |

Chapter 1: To sense. To select. To perceive.
John Ruskin|

CNN World Trade Center News Site|

Fahrenheit 9/11 (2004)|

Susan Sontag |

Images from Abu Ghraib|

Blade Runner (1982) |

Aldous Huxley's Life and Works|

Bates Natural Vision Method|

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Chapter 2: Light
Clarence John Laughlin|

JB Colson|

Optics Workshop|


Nobel Prizes|

Michelson's Speed of Light Experiment|

Sir Isaac Newton|

Max Planck|

Albert Einstein|


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Chapter 3: The Eye, the Retina, and the Brain
Samuel Taylor Coleridge Archive|

The Retina|

The Interactive Eye Site|

Evolution of Color Vision|

Color Deficiency|


Powder (1995)|

The Whole Brain Atlas |

Center for Brain and Cognition|

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Chapter 4: Color, Form, Depth, and Movement
Biography of David H. Hubel|

Biography of Torsten N. Wiesel|

Color Theory|

Leonardo da Vinci|

Visual Literacy|


Floral Industry and Color|



Shape |

Bill Plympton|


Magic Eye Images|


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Chapter 5: The Sensual and Perceptual Theories of Visual Communication

Gestalt Therapy and Gestalt Psychology|


Semiotics for Beginners|

Biography of Ferdinand de Saussure|

Biography of Charles Sanders Peirce|

Dr. Strangelove (1964)|

CNN Headline News|

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Chapter 6: Visual Persuasion in Advertising, Public Relations, and Journalism
Bill Moyers|

United Colors of Benetton|


Influence At Work|

Persuasion and Influence|

Advertising Age|

Welcome to PRSA|

Society of Professional Journalists|

The Drudge Report|

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Chapter 7: Images that Injure: Pictorial Stereotypes in the Media
Walter Lippmann|

Biography of Jerry Lewis|

Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA)|

National Center on Disability and Journalism|

Jewish/Israel Index USA|

African American Stereotypes|

Women and the Web|

GLAAD Online|

Text for Media Stereotype Slide Show|

The King Center|

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Section 4 Introduction: The Media Through Which We See
David Lodge|

A Personal Perspective Example|

Rick Williams Photography|

A Historical Perspective Example|

An Ethical Perspective Example|

Deni Elliott|

Journalism Ethics|

Categorical Imperative|


Aristotle's Golden Mean|

Cultural Perspective Example|

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Chapter 8: Typography
Jonathan Hoefler|

Johannes Gutenberg|

The Gutenberg Bible|

Oral and Scribal Culture History|

Cuneiform Writing System|

Egyptian Hieroglyphics|

Chinese Language|

Greek History|

The History of Printing|

Typofile Magazine|

All Good Things Typography|

Zine Resources|

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Chapter 9: Graphic Design
Saul Bass|

The Movie Poster Page|

The Man with the Golden Arm (1955)|

Casino (1995)|

Psycho (1960)|

Why Man Creates (1968)|

Quaker Oats Company|


Sacred Places: Lascaux, France|

Cave Paintings |

Golden Ratio|


Joseph Niepce|

History of Halftones|

Online Publishing|

Graphic Design Tips|

Will Bradley|


Marcel Duchamp|

George Herriman|


Peter Max|

Hip Hop Links|

Piet Mondrian|

Stefan Lorant|

Paul Klee|

Milton Glaser|

Cybertown: Virtual Reality Community|

Art Schools|

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Chapter 10: Informational Graphics
Edward Tufte|

9-11 Infographics|

USA Today|



The Weather Channel|

USA Today Weather Map|

Sumerian Mythology|

Chinese Maps|

Dr. John Snow|


The Geographer's Craft Project|

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Chapter 11: Cartoons
Richard Nixon|

Matt Groening|

"Life in Hell"|

Tracey Ullman|

James L. Brooks|

Sam Simon|

"The Simpsons"|

Itchy and Scratchy|

Egyptian Artwork|


The Carracci Siblings|

Al Hirschfeld|

William Hogarth|

Benjamin Franklin|

Napoleon Caricatures|

Thomas Nast|

Herbert Block|

Paul Conrad|

Sigmund Freud|

The New Yorker|

Charles Addams|

The Chauvet Cave|

Papyrus Paintings|

Bayeux Tapestry|

"The Yellow Kid"|

William Randolph Hearst|

Pulitzer Prize History|


Robert Crumb|

"Doonesbury" Electronic Town Hall |

The Boondocks|

MAD Magazine|

MAUS by Art Spiegelman|

Manga Gallery|

Animation World Magazine|

Voyage to the Moon (1902) |

Winsor McCay|


Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937)|

Fantasia (1940)|

Beauty and the Beast (1991)|

A Bug's Life (1998)|

Chuck Jones|

Friz Freleng|

Tex Avery|

Looney Tunes|

William Hanna|

Joseph Barbera|

The Flintstones (1994)|

Anime Gallery|

Willis H. O'Brien|

Ray Harryhausen|

George Pal|

Henry Selick|

Will Vinton|

Nick Park|

Terry Gilliam|

Dennis Muren|

Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988)|

Cool World (1992)|

Terminator 2: Judgment Day (1991)|

Jurassic Park|

Titanic (1997)|

Antz (1998)|

Toy Story 2 (1999)|

Disney Store|

"The PJs" (1999)|

"Futurama" (1999)|

"Dilbert" (1999)|

"South Park" (1997)|

Shrek (2001)|

Monsters, Inc. (2001)|

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Chapter 12: Photography
George Bernard Shaw|

Photography Search in Yahoo!|

Dorothea Lange|

Documenting America|


Joseph Niepce|

Henry Fox Talbot |


Color Materials|

Richard Maddox |

George Eastman|

Edwin Land|


Photography from a Technical Perspective|

Photojournalism Ethics Columns|

Faking Images in Photojournalism|

The Memory Hole|

Urban Legends|

Richard Avedon|

The Two Ways of Life|

Oscar Rejlander|

Henry Robinson|

Timothy O'Sullivan|

Ansel Adams|

Alfred Stieglitz|

Jacob Riis|

Lewis Hine|

Robert Frank|

Mary Ellen Mark|

Digital Video Information|

Digital Literacy |

Enrique's Journey|

Virtual Photography|

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Chapter 13: Motion Pictures
Movies and Film on Yahoo!|

Citizen Kane (1941)|

Herman J. Mankiewicz|

Robert Wise|

Vernon L. Walker|

Bernard Herrmann|

Gregg Toland|

Hearst Castle|

Orson Welles|

The Mercury Theater on the Air: "War of the Worlds" (1938)|

Thomas A. Edison|

Auguste Lumiere|

Louis Lumiere|

Georges Melies|

Edwin S. Porter|

The Great Train Robbery (1903)|

D. W. Griffith|

The Birth of a Nation (1915)|

Mack Sennett|

Hal Roach|

Cecil B. DeMille|

Sergei M. Eisenstein|

Charlie Chaplin|

Buster Keaton|

Roscoe 'Fatty' Arbuckle|

Academy Awards|

The Jazz Singer (1927)|

A Star Is Born (1937)|

Nosebleed Update|

Zoolander (2001)|

The OMNIMAX Theater|

Search the Internet Movie Database|

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Chapter 14: Television and Video
Rod Serling|

Appliances that Changed the Home (thanks Abby!)|

Elites TV|

Reality TV Links|

Sir Links A Lot|

Reality Auditions|

Rodney King and the Los Angeles Riots |


Mark Burnett |

Survivor 10|

Television Criticism|

Television History|

Felix the Cat|

Federal Communications Commission (FCC)|

Hollywood Blacklisting|

Ampex Corporation|

National Cable and Telecommunications Association|

Fiber Optic Cable |

Homeplug Power Alliance|


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Chapter 15: Computers
Arthur C. Clarke|

Timeline of Computer Graphics and Animation |

Lucent Technologies|

2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)|

Futureworld (1976)|

Star Wars (1977)|

Tron (1982)|

Laurie Anderson|

Labyrinth (1986)|

Jim Henson|

Jurassic Park (1993)|

Dragonheart (1996)|

Titanic (1997)|

James Cameron|

Roger Corman|

The Abyss (1989)|

Terminator 2 (1991)|

Computing History|

Charles Babbage|

Herman Hollerith|

IBM History|

Microsoft History|

Apple History|

Apple Computers|


Iomega Zip Drive|

Athlon XP Processor|

Teledildonics Links|

Dvorak Keyboard|

The Future for Computers|

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Chapter 16: World Wide Web
Bill Atkinson Photographs|


Google Fight|

Elgoog |

James Burke|


Carl Linnaeus|

Library of Congress|

America Online|

Dr. Vannevar Bush|



The History of the World Wide Web|

What is the World Wide Web?|




Internet Explorer|


The Electronic Frontier Foundation|

Cyber Patrol|

Surf Control|

Web Accessibility Software|

Nielsen Net Ratings|

Rotten Dot Com|

Real Cities Network|

Charlotte Observer Online|

Los Angeles Times|



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Chapter 17: The More You Know, The More You See
T. S. Eliot|

Joe Rosenthal's Flag Raising Picture|

Light on Yahoo!|

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