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Medical Ethics

  • Bioethics: The Ethical Questions of Biology and Medicine
    "Bioethicists are concerned about ethical topics such as euthanasia, genetics, abortion, organ donation, stem cell research and a variety of other topics. Each of these topics has been known to spark debate among the population, and people feel strongly on both sides of the debate. These debates have been in the news recently and continue to be hotly contested topics. To learn more about the subject of bioethics and many of the controversial topics, please feel free to view the following resources."

  • A Guide to Bioethics Resources on the Web
    "The following websites are designed to clear up fact from fiction, open a constructive dialogue on bioethics subjects, and spread the word on what is actually happening in the fields of science, technology, and medicine. Most importantly, these sites all aim to help you understand how these issues could and will affect your life."

  • Bioethical Services of Virginia, Inc.
    Bioethical Services of Virginia, Inc. offers a full array of medical ethics programming functions. We have extensive experience in providing medical ethics programming to health care facilities of all types including community hospitals, state facilities for individuals with mental retardation, mental health institutes and community services boards.

  • Human subjects and research ethics
    A pointer to information about the ethical aspects of research involving human subjects as participants.

  • Bioethics Online Service
    A list of bioethics resources from the Medical College of Wisconsin.

  • APA Ethics Information
    From the American Psychological Association, links to ethical principles, statements, and guidelines for psychologists, online services, and for the care of animals.

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