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Codes of Ethics

  • Independent Press Councils
    "This website is dedicated to media ethics. Practical ethics. It contains the largest collection of press codes of conduct in the world. And the site is dedicated to media accountability systems (M*A*S), first among which are press councils."

  • Codes of Ethics
    "Those professional associations that publish codes of ethics to the WWW are listed first, by country, together with a brief description of the ethics code with pointers to the code of ethics pages. There are many international (make that transnational) and regional organizations that represent national organizations, or have individual members in many countries with codes of ethics published. Conceived and executed by Wallace Koehler, Associate Professor at the Library and Information Studies Program at Valdosta State University."

  • Creating a Code of Ethics for your Organization
    A highly useful collection of links individuals can use to help create a code of ethics for their organization produced by Chris MacDonald, Ph.D.

  • ALA Code of Ethics
    The code of ethics from the American Library Association. The organization also has a link to the ALA Committee on Professional Ethics.

  • Ethicnet
    A database for European codes of journalism ethics from the University of Tampere, Finland.

  • Codes of Ethics from Around the World
    A collection of codes of conduct, codes of practice, or codes of ethics from Australia to Zimbabwe.

  • New Ethics
    The very conception of an ethic acceptable to all human beings who understand verbal language imposed on us the necessity of drafting this outline in a manner as clear and concise as we knew how. Maintained by Lester A. Shepard.

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