COMM 319: Photojournalism

Dr. Paul Martin Lester, Professor
California State University, Fullerton
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Office: H-324F

Assignment 5: Picture Story Story 1

Use the facts you have gathered about homelessness to find an individual who relates to your specific story. This person will also be the subject of your story and photographs. Conduct an interview with your person.

You will write a one paragraph lead and an annotated outline for a final story that will run not more than 5 double-spaced pages. The lead is the most important element of a story because it determines whether a reader will read the entire story or skip it. The outline will help you organize your story.

Your outline should include (but not be limited to):

* an introduction of your person,

* background information about the city,

* background information about your person,

* some telling details about the person (use physical descriptions and quotes), and

* a conclusion.

You are not writing a story--only learning to organize it in a logical way.

Watch out for typos and grammar problems. I will count off for them (10-points for each spelling error, 5-points for each typo or grammatical error). Try to write in a clear newspaper or magazine feature style. If youčre not familiar with that style, start reading!