COMM 319: Photojournalism

Dr. Paul Martin Lester, Professor
California State University, Fullerton
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Office: H-324F

Assignment 20: World Wide Web I

As you know, your major project for this class will be to produce a picture story presentation for the World Wide Web with the work of my students in COMM 380: Interactive Multimedia Production. As preparation for that collaboration, you need to become familiar with the World Wide Web and find examples of photojournalism picture stories on the Web you can use as models for your presentations.

To use the Web you need to be connected to a network and a Web browser such as Netscape. You can also use all the computers in 326A & 326B and in the basement of the library.

For this assignment, find two picture stories on the Web. One of the picture stories must have something to do with homelessness.

Write a two-page critique explaining what you like and donıt like about each site (thatıs four pages total). For each analysis, pay particular attention to the perspectives of personal, technical, and cultural. Include an aesthetic critique‹is the look of the stories attractive and do you think the style fit the intended audience? Is the layout pleasing? Does it take a long time for the pictures to download? What special features are included that are positive and/or negative?

Include the URL (address) of the site you find (thatıs the address at the top of your screen in the browser).

You might want to use popular search engines such as:

ask jeeves | yahoo | dogpile

Simply type the above address in the locator bar at the top of your browser and press return. When you get on a search site, type in keywords that you think might lead to success: photojournalism "picture stories", pictures, or homelessness.

Iıve also made it easy to find picture stories from my homepage:
PJ Resources