COMM 319: Photojournalism

Dr. Paul Martin Lester, Professor
California State University, Fullerton
657/278-5302; Email | Homepage
Office: H-324F

Assignment 19: Quark 3

With this assignment you will create a newspaper broadsheet size portfolio of your own pictures with a title, headline, and a brief philosophical statement about your work.

Step-by-step guide for creating this assignment:

1. Select four of your pictures that will fit, in inches, the following dimensions: 4 x 2.75, 11 x 7.5, 6.25 x 5, and 4.5 x 3.25
2. Scan and save each picture at a high, color print resolution (200)
3. Open each image in PhotoShop, correct for color balance and crop for the exact sizes indicated in step 1. Save each image. Quit PhotoShop
4. Start QuarkXPress. In a New document, create a page that is 13.75" x 19.5" with .5 inch margins all around. Your work area should be 12.75" x 18.5". Set the View at 75%
5. In View, Show Colors. With the rectangle picture tool, make a 2pt cyan unfilled box around the entire outside border of the work area. Use the Color window to set the color and Command+B to set the frame width
6. Make a cyan box filled using the Solid option in Colors (see the example for size and placement)
7. Select the Text tool and create a white title using 24pt helvetica bold type with sentence caps (click on the little "K" in the Measurements window). Type your text and place it in the middle of the cyan box
8. Create a new text box. Use Command+M and make it 3.5" x 2.25". Use 24pt bold helvetica for the headline, 14pt italic for the credit, and 12pt ragged left helvetica for the copy. Write something brief about your work
9. Select the Rectangular Picture tool. Make four picture boxes. Select the Item tool. Under File, select Get Picture. Bring your four images into each picture box. Resize the outer edges of your picture boxes to fit around each image
10. Select each image with your mouse. In Frame (Command+B), create a 1pt black frame around all four pictures
11. Go to 25% view. Use the Move tool to place each picture and the text block into position like the example below. In View, select Hide Guides to get a better view of your work
12. When you're happy with the page, Save your work. When you're ready to print, under File, select Page Setup. Select vertical orientation and 50% size for the print-out. Make a black and white print-out.