HCOM 100


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Study Guide for HCOM 100 Final Exam

 Bring a Scantron 882 form. Te exam is a modified "fill in the blanks" format. In addition to material from the midterm exam, please know the following information. There will be no questions about grammar and usage.

What are denotative and connotative meanings for words?

What is meant by exclusive and homophobic language?

What strategies may be used to create supportive, rather than defensive relationships?

What are the reasons language may promote misunderstandings?

What are the categories of nonverbal cues and what are their roles in communication?

What advantages do groups have in decision making in comparison to individuals?

What patterns are most useful in organizing the persuasive strategy?

What are the methods of delivering a speech?

What are some tips for rehearsing and delivering the presentation?

What guidelines should be followed for effective vocal delivery?

What are the major dimensions of credibility and how can they be used to your advantage during a job interview?

What are emblems, illustrators, affect displays, regulators, and adaptors?

What is immediacy?

What are the stages of relationship escalation and de-escalation?

How does conflict function in relationships?

What are the differences between verbal and factual dispute statements?

What Cialdini’s strategies of influence?

What are the ways in which relationships may be initiated, strengthened, and constructively terminated?

What is self-disclosure and what is its role  in strengthening relationships?

What are the key functions to achieve results in groups?

What is leadership and what are the major approaches to studying it (trait, functional, style. situational, transformational)?

What can be done to enhance group and team meetings?

What is the difference between persuasion and coercion?

What is inductive and deductive reasoning?

What are the major fallacies in reasoning?