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Ten commandments of Speech Preparation


A Guide to Writing and Usage

FINAL EXAM:   Please complete your answers to this exam and then e-mail the essays to me at jreinard@fullerton.edu.  Remeber, it is an exam.  So, limit the time you spend on it to an equivalent amount.

The deadline is May 27, 2003


PART I:  (40%)  Read the speech. “Making the Grade” by Nicole Tremel” (pp. 436-438) and evaluate it using the standards for the last persuasive speech we have given (excluding evaluation of delivery).  Explain how well or poorly the speaker has done on the criteria listed below.  Explain your judgments and use examples from the speech itself.


Introduction gained attention:                                                                 ___(5 pts maximum)

Topic is well suited for persuasive purpose:                                           ___(5 pts maximum)

"So What" step effective for this particular

     audience and distinct from rest of introduction                                   ___(5 pts maximum)

Previewing of mainpoints clear:                                                              ___(5 pts maximum)

Topic is adapted to audience attitude/background:                                 ___(5 pts maximum)

Organizational design appropriate and clearly 

     covered stock issues for proposition type:                                        ___(10 pts maximum)

Transitions are clear and complete:                                                        ___(5 pts maximum)

Sources well chosen and completely documented:                                 ___(10 pts maximum)

Rebuttal step of opposing arguments effectively used:                             ___(10 pts maximum)

Conclusion summarizes points:                                                              ___(5 pts maximum)
General impression:
                                                                                                  ___(10 pts maximum)

 PART  TWO (20%)

 Outline a persuasive speech on the topic of banning handguns in America.   Make sure to include:

Purpose statement for a policy proposition, organizing question, three mainpoints that deal with the stock issues for policy propositions and that answer the organizing question with parallel structure;  indication of the type of introduction you would use;  indication of the type of conclusion you would use; identification of  the location of  the preview and transitions,  (do not write them out);  indication of the "so-what?" step you plan;  evidence that you would use to support mainpoints (make up sources for this exercise);  rebuttal step (identify it and indicate your reaction to the opposition).   You know the drill.

 PART THREE:  Answer any five of the following items (8% each):

 1.      Suppose that you were preparing a speech on the topic used in the speech in PART ONE of this
      exam.  Suppose that you were planning to speak to a group of high school students.  Describe
      the steps you would take in audience analysis.  Describe the results of audience demographics,
      audience culture, and audience psychology.

2.      What are the stock issues for propositions of policy and non policy propositions? Explain each.

3.      What are the causes and cures of poor listening?

4.      What methods of delivery (e.g., manuscript, impromptu) are best for typical speakers?  When are the other methods appropriate?

5.      What elements of voice and nonverbal communication are most suitable for enhancing persuasion?

6.      What are the factors of source credibility?

7.      What are the major forms of reasoning?

8.      What are the major forms of introductions?

9.      What language factors can aid or inhibit persuasion and comprehension?

10.  If you studied something that is not on this exam, please ask yourself the question and answer it.  You will be evaluated on the integrity of your answer and the significance of your question.