Praise Received for Communication Research Statistics



Communication Research Statistics is the only communication book included on the Audience DIalogue Ltd. list of "Recommended Books on Media Research Methods.”  This Australian-based organization listed Communication Research Statistics on its selection of "the best books (in English) on the methods of media research, and social research in general."




"Reinard sets forth a solid intermediate level statistics book that could serve students in advanced research classes quite well. In essence, this text would help with the quagmire many students encounter when reading statistics books."

Welch, S.-A. (2007). Avoiding the statistical quagmire. The Review of Communication, 7, 329-331.

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 "Each chapter provides a minimum of formulae and avoids complex numerical computations. To some, this approach will appear to be the end of the world as we know it. But, in my experience, detailed examination of statistical formulae via hand computation leads to anxiety about arithmetic rather than a deepening of understanding of statistics for a majority of students. It is only after the anxiety is dealt with, and the student has a degree of facility with statistics, that a deepening understanding can occur with such methods. The book adopts a conceptual rather than a computational approach, and this is to be commended."

Cox, S. (2006, Nov.). Book Review: Reinard, John C., Communication Research Statistics . . . .Media International Australia Incorporating Culture & Policy, Issue 121, pp. 216-217.