Please bring a Scantron form 882 and a piece of paper.   In addition to information from the first exam, know the answers to these questions.

ESSAY: Be prepared to outline a persuasive speech on a policy proposition.

What influence do age, sex, ethnic and cultural backgrounds, religion, and group memberships have on the choices to be made by effective speakers?

What are the elements of situational audience analysis?

What does it mean to say that listeners are "egocentric?"

How does a speaker effectively persuade listeners that are highly ego-involved?

What are the relationships among propositions of fact, value, and policy (be prepared to identify examples of each)?

What are the stock issues for policy propositions?

What are the stock issues for nonpolicy propositions?

What are the most useful ways to use examples?

What are the questions used to test the worth of statistical evidence?

How should testimonial evidence be most appropriately used?

What is paraphrasing, when should it be used, and when should it be avoided?

How may language be used to maximize persuasion?

How should language be used to maximize comprehension?

What is source credibility and what are its major factors?

What can be done to enhance your credibility?

How should evidence be used to make it most persuasive?

What elements of voice may the speaker use to enhance speech effectiveness?

According to Lucas, how may speakers enhance delivery?

What elements of nonverbal communication may the speaker use to enhance speech effectiveness?

How should the speaker practice delivery?

What fallacies of reasoning should the speaker avoid (be prepared to identify examples)?

What are the elements of the Toulmin model of argument (be prepared to distinguish between the two triads of argument)?

What are the major strategies of rebuttal?