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Introduction to Communication Research

4th Edition


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Tools for Students of
              Communication Research Methods

A Great Aid! A Guide to Writing and Usage
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Data Sets Data for Analysis:
National Communication Association Survey of Communication Practices; Attitudes; Fallacies
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Our Discipline An Essay on the History of the Field
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Sample Papers Sample Problem Statement, Definitional, and Literature review Papers

Chapter 1:
The Role of Research in Communication

Chapter 2: Communication Research Problems and Hypotheses

Chapter 3: Conceptualizations in Communication Research


Chapter 4:
Measurement in  Communication Research

Chapter 5:
Composing the Communication Argument: The Reasoning and the Evidence

Chapter 6:
Conducting Textual Analysis

Chapter 7:
Qualitative Methods: Ethnography, Participant Observation, and Fieldwork

Chapter 8:
Conducting Content Analysis

Chapter 9:
Design of Descriptive Empirical Research in Communication


Chapter 10:
Design of Experimental Research in Communication

Chapter 11:

Chapter 12:
Descriptive Statistics

Chapter 13: Introductory Inferential Statistics I: Hypothesis Testing with Two Means

Chapter 14: Introductory Inferential Statistics II: Beyond Two Means

Chapter 15

Appendix G:
Using Communication Research Sources