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This page contains links to communication and related sites along with research locations that may guide your initial searches on the Internet. You should expect, however, that some of these sites will change, disappear, or be supplemented with others over time. You should be prepared to add other sources as your searches continue. Given the rapid changes in Internet sources, no claim is made for the accuracy of all Internet sources by the time you use this material. Please report any changed or dead links to jreinard@fullerton.edu .

NOTE: Most sources that charge for services are excluded from this list.

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General Research Sources

Communication Organizations
Mass Media: General Studies
Mass Media: Advertising
Mass Media: Communication Technology and Practice
Mass Media: Journalism
Mass Media: Public Relations
Mass Media: Television, Radio, Film
General Communication Sources
Language and Code Systems
Intercultural Communication
Interpersonal Communication (including temperament, gender, conflict, and nonverbal communication) 
Organizational Communication
Oral Interpretation of Literature
Debate and Forensics
Small Group Communication and Parliamentary Procedure
Public Speaking
Rhetorical Theory and Criticism
Communication Education
Speech and Hearing Science
Sources from Other Fields

General Research Sources

These sources include locations of indices and abstracts that may guide you to information in many fields. Click on any link to go to the source.

bulletBookWire (comprehensive guide to book related Internet sources)
bulletCodes of Ethics Online Project
bullet Communication Links-Web Navigation (links to communication sources in ten categories)
bulletInternet Sleuth (Topic Searchable collection of online databases)
bulletWebCrawler (extensive list of over 30,000 Internet sources in "Yellow Pages" format)
bulletThe On-Line Books Page
bullet Alcove 9: An Annotated List of Reference Websites (listing hundreds of ready reference sources using modified Library of Congress subject headings) (The Main Reading Room of the Library of Congress has eight alcoves. This ninth "virtual alcove" is a collection of websites selected and annotated by Humanities and Social Sciences Division subject specialists)
bullete-Journals (listing of journals in 35 categories plus a search engine)
bulletElectronic Library at SFU (links to electronic magazines and reference materials maintained by Simon Fraser University)
bulletInternet Public Library (references, online books, search engines, and online classrooms)
bulletLibrary of Congress
bulletNew York Public Library
bulletThe Smithsonian Institution
bulletThomas: Library of Congress legislative information
bulletThe University of Iowa Communication Studies site
bulletVincent Voice Library: 20th Century U.S. Presidents (recordings of speeches ranging back to President Benjamin Harrison)
bulletVirtual Library (extensive and across all subjects)


bulletFederal Communications Commission
bulletFirstGov: The Federal Government Internet Sites (list of over fifty U.S. government sites)
bulletData, Government and Geographic Information Services
bulletGPO Access on the Web (search tool for Congressional Record, and federal sources)
bulletGPO Access (includes search engine by categories)
bullet ERICFacility.net
bulletU.S. Senate Web Site
bulletU.S. House of Representatives Web Site
bulletWhite House Web Site
bulletExams and Notes (exams, lectures, notes from variety of college classes)

Research Tools:
bulletB.J. Pinchbeck's Homework Helper (list of general reference materials)
bulletNewJour (index to electronic journals) 
bulletEthno/CA Newsletter (emphasis in ethnomethodology and conversational analysis)
bullet General Social Surveys (data set and archives sponsored by the Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research at the University of Michigan )
bulletISWorld Net Research and Scholarship (guide to research on information sciences)
bullet Probability and Statistics (applets modeling statistical principles)
bulletQualitative Report (critical and qualitative studies in an online journal)
bulletQuick Reference (reference materials including dictionaries, databases, business references, phone numbers, e-mail directories, and statistics sponsored by University of Texas)
bulletInternet Public Library (a general online library with a search engine)
bulletScholarly Journals Distributed on the World Wide Web (scholarly journals available online)
bulletThe Virtual Reference Desk (guide to general information and writing information)

General Research Sources

    Major Communication Organizations:

bulletAmerican Speech-Language-Hearing Association
bulletAssociation for Education in Journalism & Mass Communication
bulletBroadcast Education Association
bulletInternational Communication Association
bulletNational Communication Association

   Other Organizations:

bulletThe Academy of Management Online
bulletAmerican Academy of Audiology
bulletThe American Academy of Private Practice in Speeech Pathology and Audiology
bulletAmerican Communication Association
bulletAssociation of Teachers of Technical Writing (ATTW)
bulletCalifornia Journalism Online
bulletCalifornia Speech-Language-Hearing Association
bulletCentral States Communication Association
bulletCPTSC: Council for Programs in Technical and Scientific Communication
bulletEastern Communication Association
bulletEDUCAUSE, The Association for Managing and Using Information Resources in Higher Education (CAUSE and Educom merger)
bulletFAIRness and Accuracy in Media (a watchdog group)
bulletThe Freedom Forum
bulletInstitute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers Professional Communication Society
bulletInternational Association of Business Communicators

International Association for Cross-Cultural Psychology

bulletThe International Clinical Phonetics and Linguistics Association: ICPLA
bulletInternational Phonetic Association
bullet International Speech Communication Association (formerly, the European Speech Communication Association)
bulletJournalism Education Association
bulletLambda Pi Eta National Communication Honor Society
bulletLouisiana Speech-Language-Hearing Association
bulletThe Media Communications Association International
bulletMedia Watch (articles and critiques on coverage of social issues with emphasis on women's issues  and civil rights)
bulletNational Association of Broadcasters
bulletThe National Press Club
bulletThe National Press Photographers Association
bulletPoynter Online: The Poynter Institute for Media Studies
bulletPublic Relations Society of America
bulletRadio-Television News Directors Association and Foundation (of the Association of Electronic Journalists)
bulletSociety of Professional Journalists
bulletSouthern States Communication Association
bulletStudent Association for Freedom of Expression
bulletWashington Speech-Language-Hearing Association
bulletWestern States Communication Association

Mass Media: General Studies

   Computer Mediated Communication

bulletComputer Mediated Communication (current issue of CMC Magazine)
bulletComputer-Mediated Communications: A Bibliography
bulletComputer-Mediated Communication Studies Center (resource center on research applications of computer-mediated communication)
bulletComputer Mediated Communication (links to studies and statistics on CMC)
bullet Computer Mediated Communication (links maintained at University of Sterling)
bulletComputer Mediated Communication Articles (links to articles)
bulletComputer Mediated Communication Resources (links on CMC and research sources)
bulletJournal of Computer Mediated Communication

  Mass Communication Studies

bulletGeneral Issues in Media and Communication Studies (links to articles in mass media)
bulletMedia History Project (media resources, papers, course outlines, links, and search engine in media history)
bulletMedia History Monographs
bullet Media Studies Resources (University of Iowa site)
bulletMarshall McLuhan Center on Global Communications (program to promote McLuhan's work)
bulletRon Burnett's "Critical Approaches to Culture, Communications and Hypermedia" (links in communications and popular media)
bulletSalon Magazine (popular media coverage and criticism)

   Mass Communication Law:

bulletFederal Communications Law Journal
bulletCommunication Law and Policy (current issue)
bullet Communication Law and Policy Resources
bulletComLaw Conspectus (biannual journal of Communications Law and Policy, from the Catholic University, Columbus School of Law)
bulletInternational Journal of Communications Law and Policy (online journal)

Mass Media: Advertising

bulletAdAge.com (online version of Advertising Age)
bullet Advertising Agencies Worldwide
bulletAmerican Association of Advertising Agencies
bulletAmerican Marketing Association (AMA) (publications, library, and links to resources)
bulletBetter Business Bureau (monitoring of advertisements for accuracy)
bulletEGTA (European Group of Television Advertising)
bulletAvoid Fraud (site dedicated to exposing scams and frauds)
bulletInternational Advertising Association
bulletJade River Company (Internet advertising and Web marketing issues)
bulletMediaedge: cia (international strategy and outlets in advertising)
bulletNational Fraud Information Service
bulletScamwatch (scores of sites dealing with consumer fraud and scams)
bullet Webwatch: Advertising, Marketing & PR (links to advertising firms - based in Belgium)

Mass Media: Communication Technology and Practice

bulletBenton Foundation:  Communications Policy and Practice (updates on communications law and related policies)
bullet Communications Law and Policy Links
bulletCurrent Cites (Berkeley digital library Sun Site, information and resources on information technology)
bulletMedia Economics and Management

Mass Media: Journalism

bulletAEJMC Visual Communication Division
bulletAmerican Journalism Review (comprehensive guide to journalism resources, grants, fellowships)
bulletAssociated Press
bulletColumbia Journalism Review
bulletEuropean Journalism Center (resources for journalists focusing on European affairs)
bulletFootage.Net: Searchable Library of Film Clips and Photos for Past Century (resource including samples)
bullet"The Editors' Service" (sources of news over the WWW from Editors Service)
bulletJournalism.org (Project for Excellence in Journalism)
bulletJournalism and Telecommunications Resources (links to organizations and resources in journalism)
bulletJournalism Net (resources for news story composition)
bulletKnight Digital Media Center (Online Journalism Review)
bulletMultimedia Graphic Network (firm distributing graphics and photos for television-no samples)
bulletNational Press Photographers Association
bullet National Student Press Association (NSPA)
bulletPower Reporting (research resources for journalists)

Mass Media: Public Relations

bulletAnne Klein & Associates (with newsletter)
bulletGilbreath Communications Inc. (includes newsletter)
bulletM/C/Communications (includes case studies in PR projects)
bulletWorldlink Media Consultants (written lessons on preparing for press conferences, TV appearances, related articles)
bulletMedia Relations, Inc. (articles, application examples, on-line journal, PR test, information on PR as a profession)
bulletMarketing Consultants and Services (list of organizations and consultants)
bulletPublicity (newsletter of Media Relations Inc.)
bulletRagan Communications (essays in education, management, public relations, and media)

Mass Media: Television, Radio, Film

bulletCriticism.com (on-line magazine dealing with theory, discourse analysis, and mass media criticism, including a search engine)
bulletHi-Beam: Illuminating Experimental Film and Video (on-line magazine)
bulletThe Media and Communication Studies Site A British-based meta-index of on-line academic resources related to all aspects of media and communication studies from soap opera to semiotics.
bulletMedia-Link (links in major media categories divided by global regions)
bulletNielsen Media Research (media surveys and reports)
bulletParrot Media Network (Online Media Directories)
bulletPathfinder: Time-Warner Publications On-Line
bulletScreenSite: for the study of film and television (links and search engine)
bulletSociety for Cinema and Media Studies
bulletStudio Briefing (news about TV and film)
bulletTCOM Links (links to associations in different categories of broadcast communication)
bullet Television News Archive (Vanderbilt University)
bulletUltimate TV (links to information on film and television)
bullet University of Memphis Radio Archive (archive of radio history information)
bulletVoice of America and Worldnet Television

General Communication Sources

bulletCommunications Research Centre (Canada) (mostly mass communication information)
bulletEnvironmental Communication Resource Center (scholarship and programs on communication about the environment)
bulletERIC Clearinghouse on Reading, English, and Communication
bulletJournal of the American Society for Information Science and Technology.
bulletRogue Communication (materials across the field's topics on issues that affect the lives of people outside academia)
bulletVirtual Communication Assistants (on line help with communication)

Language and Code Systems

bulletThe Agora Language Marketplace
bulletAmerican Dialect Society
bulletAmerican Philological Association
bulletApplied Linguistics WWW
bullet Art and the Semiotics of Images
bulletCenter for the Study of Language and Information (Stanford)
bulletColibri Home Page (NL) (language and speech technology and logic)
bullet Computer Research on the English Language (Lancaster University)
bulletCorpus Linguistics
bulletEduFind.com (English language instruction issues and links to software)
bulletEuropean Speech Communication Association
bullet Functions of Language Journal
bulletGaelic Lessons Online (Gaelic language instruction)
bulleti Love Languages Page (formerly Human Languages Page; spoken samples, dictionaries, and resources from languages around the world)
bullet International Association for Semiotic Studies
bulletLanguage and Linguistic Science Research (York, UK)
bulletLanguage Processing Resources (Jim Roiger's language and social interaction links and resources)
bullet Language Shareware
bulletLinguist List (discussion forum and links to linguistics resources)
bulletLTSN Centre for Languages, Linguistics, and Area Studies
bulletOrganisational Semiotics Forum (bibliographic resources and some links)
bullet Semiotics (links to writing and organizations)
bullet Sites of Significance for Semiotics (extensive links)
bullet Technology for Language Learning (Ohio University site on English as a second language)

Intercultural Communication

bulletBritspeak:  A Dictionary (a dictionary to help two peoples separated by a common language)
bulletCommunications and Culture Transformation (papers by Stephan Dahl)
bullet Intercultural Communication (part of the "Awesome Library" set of links)
bulletIntercultural Communication Institute
bulletIntercultural Relations (comprehensive web portal)
bulletJapan Center for Intercultural Communications
bulletJournal of Intercultural Communication
bulletSociety for Cross Cultural Research (sponsored at Florida Institute of Technology

Interpersonal Communication

bulletEmpathy (listserve discussion group)
bulletEmpathy (web based resources)


bulletNewsgroup for the Discussion of Temperament Typing Systems
bulletKeirsey Temperament Sorter (temperaments and their measurement)
bulletThe Personality Project (collection of materials including temperament by William Revelle)
bulletA Temperament Test available fro HumanMetrics

   Conflict and Communication

bulletCenter for Information Technology and Dispute Resolution (online mediation and links to alternative dispute resolution sources)
bulletConflict Prevention Network
bulletConflict and Communication (exercises and activities)
bullet Conflict Resolution Information Source  (sponsored by the Conflict Research Symposium, University of Colorado, Boulder)
bullet INCORE (thematic guides on 16 areas of conflict)
bullet Ivy Sea Online Leadership and Communication Center (materials on communication and conflict)
bulletMediate.com (library, links, articles, and searchable data base on mediation)
bulletOnline Journal of Peace and Conflict Resolution


bullet Alma College Women's Studies Resources (links to women's studies and feminist sites internationally)
bulletFeminist Com (comprehensive site including speeches, news, and links)
bulletGender and Communication (links to documentary materials emphasizing Latin America; follow "women" link)
bullet Gender Inn (links in feminist theory)
bulletGender-Neutral Pronouns (FAQ on the topic)
bulletLanguage and Gender Syllabi (links to classes dealing with language and gender)
bulletGender and Sexuality Studies: Gender Studies (links to women's and gender studies sites)
bulletWomen's Studies/Women's Issues Resource Sites (list of over 100 selected women's and gender issues sites)
bulletWomen's Studies Online Resources (comprehensive links and updates to sources on gender and women's studies, based on work by Joan Korenman) 
bullet Women's Studies Resources (list of links from Orchid rehabilitation center focusing primarily on legal, health, and cultural information related to women) 
bulletExploring Nonverbal Communication (nonverbal communication quiz)
bulletNonverbal Communication (links to articles)
bulletNonverbal Communication (extensive links in eleven categories including papers, researchers' web pages, and information about research tools

Organizational Communication

bulletBrint (network of  business links and online magazine)
bulletCEO Express (guide to news and sources of information in business)
bulletCommunication World (publication of International Association of Business Communicators)
bulletConstructs, Instruments, Citations (search tool for information and related organizational communication sites)
bulletHodu.com (website with essays predominantly on business communication issues, plus links, maintained by consultant Azriel Winnett)
bulletINS Network Surveys (survey archive of management issues)
bullet Organizational Communication (an online course)
bulletOrganizational Communication Page (links to search engines and library resources)
bulletOrganization Science
bullet Management Science Electronic Companion Pages (electronic versions of articles)
bulletRoadmap: Root Cause Diagnostic (online system to diagnose organizational concerns)

   Solving Miscommunication Problems in Organizations:

bulletBooz·Allen & Hamilton
bullet Deloitte-Touche-Tomatsu LLP
bulletMcKinsey & Company

Oral Interpretation of Literature

bulletCenter for the Cognitive Science of Metaphor (source of information on metaphors, abstracts, and links)
bullet Pieces that Have Won Prizes in Oral Interpretation


bulletAutomated Reasoning Project (Information Sciences and Engineering, Australia National University)
bullet Christians in Debate with Evolutionists (from the Christian Research Institute)
bulletCritical Thinking Community (Center for Critical Thinking)
bulletCritique of Practical Reason, Critique of Pure Reason (Kant)
bullet Discourse on the Method of Rightly Conducting the Reason, and Seeking Truth in the Sciences (Descartes)
bullet Fortean Times (archive of articles from magazine dedicated to debunking unreasoned conclusions
bulletGuide to Logical Fallacies (Stephen Downes' Guide to the Fallacies of Reasoning) 
bulletNotre Dame Journal of Formal Logic
bulletOn Sophistical Refutations (online text of Aristotle's book on fallacies)
bulletPrior Analytics (online text to Aristotle's invention of logic)
bulletPosterior Analytics (online text of Aristotle's treatment of induction and demonstration) philosophy)
bulletRationale (software for teaching practical reasoning)
bulletSkeptical Inquirer (a magazine of science and reason with archive of articles debunking superstition and new-age myths)
bulletWriting an Argumentative Essay

    Debate and Forensics

bulletAsk the Debate Coach
bulletCaptain Nitro's Speech and Debate Ring
bulletCDE (commercial site with books, instructional aids, and guide to all forensic activities)
bulletCEDA Home Page (Cross Examination Debate Association)
bulletCross-X.Com (materials for high school debaters)
bulletCUSID Canadian University Society for Intercollegiate Debate
bulletDebate Central (links and materials maintained by University of Vermont program)
bulletDelta Sigma Rho - Tau Kappa Alpha (The National Forensics Honorary Society)
bulletForensic Friend Page (links to resources in aspects of forensics program organization)
bulletForensic Tournament.net (tournament registration site with helpful links)
bulletLeslie's Minnesota Debate Web Page (links to debate related materials)
bulletNational Catholic Forensic League
bulletNational Christian Forensics and Communications Association (forensics competition organization for home schooled students)
bulletNational Debate Tournament Home Page
bulletNational Association for Urban Debate Leagues
bulletThe Policy Debate Page (links to materials on policy debate theory and practice maintained by Whitman College)
bullet Resources for Classroom Debates
bullet Speech and Debate Links (from University of North Carolina)
bulletSpeech & Debate Tutors (links to sources of information)
bulletSpeech and Debate Webring (guide to sites on forensic practice)
bullet Spiced Forensics (training and instructional materials plus links)
bullet UCLA Speech and Debate Team Handbook (guides to instructional lectures and videos on all forensics activities)
bulletWhitman Policy Debate Page (links to debate forms and theory)

   International Forensics

bulletAustralian National University Debating Society
bullet Bangladesh Debating Council (promoting English-language debate in Bangladesh)
bulletCUSID Canadian University Society for Intercollegiate Debate
bulletDebate Association Singapore
bullet Free Debate Inc. (dedicated to promoting debating for traditionally underrepresented groups)
bulletGlobal Debate Blogs (including videos on how to debate and information about programs)
bulletIDEA--International Debate Education Association (develops, organizes and promotes debate and debate-related activities in communities throughout the world)
bulletInternational Model United Nations (based in The Hague, Netherlands)
bulletWorld Debating Links
bulletWorld Schools Debating Championships (records and winners)

   Lincoln Douglas Debate

Alexandra's LD Debate Page
The Crash Course Guide to LD Debate
Cultural Commission on Lincoln Double Value Debate (guidelines from a Christian education organization)
Education World: Lincoln Douglas Debate (links and materials for teachers)
LD Debate.com (dedicated to LD debaters nationally)
Lincoln-Douglas Debate: Debates for Debaters
The LD Debate Master List
Lincoln Douglas Debate Directory (links to past topics and online training materials)
LD Debate Online (links and instructional materials for novices and experienced competitors)
LD Evidence Shack (cooperative sharing of evidence in a searchable base)
LD Prep Site (educational and training materials and links on past debate topics)
Lincoln Douglas Stuff (training essays in seven areas and links)
Understand L-D Debate (links to learn LD debate from Debate Central)

   Parliamentary Debate

bulletAPDA American Parliamentary Debate Association
bulletNPDA Home Page (National Parliamentary Debate Association)
bulletParliamentary Debate Page at Whitman College (links and information on parliamentary debate)

   Individual Events, Model United Nations, Model Congress

bulletModel United Nations Resources
bulletHarvard National Model United Nations
bulletHouston Area Model United Nations (materials for setting up a model UN)
bullet Model United Nations Schools and Programs (with links to resources)
bulletPan-American Model United Nations
bulletNational High School Model United Nations
bulletUnited Nations Online (Model UN on the Internet)

   Debate Institutes

bulletArizona Debate Institute
bulletNational High School Institute at Northwestern University (includes links to both Coon-Hardy and the Debate Institute.
bulletMichigan National Debate Institute (MNDI) and Michigan Classic
bulletSpartan Debate Institute at Michigan State University

   Individual Forensic Events:

bulletExtemp Online (newsletter and links on extemporaneous speaking events plus commerical publications)
bullet Extemp Topic Analysis (commercial site but with instructional materials and links)

Small Group Communication (Discussion and Conference)

bulletCagle's Guide to Parliamentary Procedure for Universities (basic principles of parliamentary procedure, adapted by John Cagle to university senates, committees, boards, clubs, and organizations
bulletEmpathy (listserve discussion group)
bulletEmpathy (web based resources)
bullet Glossary of Parliamentary Procedure (produced by the Canadian Parliament; includes an English-French glossary)
bulletThe Parlimentarian Online (guidance for students and extensive set of links)
bulletParli.Com (lists of resources and links with commercial training materials maintained by Robert McConnell)
bulletSimplified Rules of Order (publication)


bullet Abductee Brainwashing (reports of alien abductions maintained by by Donna Higbee)
bullet A Bibliography of Persuasion; Academic References from Coercive Persuasion and Attitude Change (sources on social influence and cult persuasion)
bulletInfluence at Work (persuasion in workplace settings)
bullet Persuasion and Social Influence (links to sites on persuasion theory and research)
bullet Persuasion and Social Influence: Theories (links to sources in attitude change theories, brainwashing, and rhetorical theory; maintained by DMOZ open directory project)
bulletPrimer of Practical Persuasion and Influence (online essays by Steven booth-Butterfield)


bulletDisinformation: Everything You Know is Wrong
bulletNAZI and East German Propaganda Archive
bulletPropaganda (introduction the study of propaganda)
bulletPropaganda Postcards from World War I
bulletPropaganda and Psychological Warfare

   Cult Persuasion

bulletCult Awareness Information Center (sources on the psychology of cult persuasion)
bulletCultic Studies: Information about Cults and Psychological Manipulation (sponsored by Cultic Studies Association)
bulletCults in our Midst (review of classic book with related links)
bulletExcerpts from Cults in our Midst
bulletEx-cult Links (sites by ex-cult members and warning about websites by cults)
bulletFreedom of Mind Center (references to cult persuasion and deprogramming)
bullet Information About Cults and Psychological Manipulation (information clearinghouse sponsored by International Cultic Studies Association)
bulletPersuasion Techniques Used by Cults (elements from Cults in Our Midst by Margaret Singer)
bulletResource center for Freedom of Mind: Combating Mind Control (cult exit counselor site)

Public Speaking

bullet Craig's Shyness Resources Page (essays and links to communication anxiety materials)
bullet Elliot Essman's Public Speaking Toolbox (tips and quotations for speakers)
bullet FreeSpeaker.org (links to resources on speeches and speech training)
bullet Great Speaking (electronic magazine)
bullet How to Conquer Public Speaking Fear (essay by M. C. Orman)
bullet McGraw-Hill Public Speaking Page (links to lectures, materials, and related activities)
bullet Public Speaking Anxiety (materials maintained at Bradford University)
bulletSelf Improvement Online's Public Speaking Sites (mostly commercial sites)
bulletSpeak Eazy Seminars (including self assessment test)
bulletSpeaker's Platform (essays, discussion groups, and links related to professional speaking)
bulletSpeech-Works (links to sources on  presentation skills)
bulletToastmasters International

Rhetorical Theory and Criticism

bulletAgora: A Marketplace for Composition/Rhetoric/Literacy at the University of Oklahoma (resources and links to sites on composition, rhetoric, and literacy; search engine and document collection)
bulletAmerican Society for History of Rhetoric Interest Group
bullet Aristotle's Rhetoric (and links to related sites)
bulletCenter for first Amendment Studies (freedom of speech issues and papers)
bullet Cicero Homepage (commentaries and works regarding Cicero)
bulletDouglass Archives of American Public Address (speeches by author, topic, title, across US history; special collection of speeches of Frederick Douglass; links)
bullet Glossary of Rhetorical Terms (over 30 terms with examples)
bullet Eurodocs: Primary Historical Documents from Western Europe (primary sources of Europena texts)
bulletMalcolm X on the Web (A six-months program by The Toledo Spiders to post the speeches of Malcolm X)
bullet On-line Speech Bank (links to texts and audio versions of speeches)
bulletPlato's Works (text of works of Plato and discussion groups)
bullet On-line Speech Bank (links to texts and audio versions of speeches)
bullet Rhetorica: Press-Politics Journal (links and essays maintained by Andrew Cline )
bulletRhetorica (an online book on classical rhetoric)
bullet Rhetoric and Composition (links in three categories and guide to teaching materials on rhetoric)
bulletRhetNet (A cyberjournal in rhetoric and writing with an discussion groups)
bulletSilva Rhetoricae (an extensive collection of terms and essays on rhetorical theory)
bullet Visual Communication-Visual Rhetorics (links to visual communication resources)
bulletWPA Slave Narratives (oral histories of slave collected during 1930s)

Communication Education

bulletA Brief History of Technical Communication  (essay by Frederick O'Hara)
bullet Communication Teacher (an electronic journal of the National Communication Association--sample copies available)

Speech and Hearing Science

   Centers in Speech and Hearing Science:
bulletChildren and with Attention Deficit Disorders (information on ADD)
bullet Journal of Applied Behavior Analysis (often includes articles on autism)
bulletNational Center for Voice and Speech (institutions in voice and speech disorders)
bulletNational Institutes of Health (news and health information; grants information)
bullet Net Connections to Communication Disorders and Sciences (coprehensive listing of links in speech and hearing science)
bulletSearchWave (the search site for audiology, hearing, and the ear)
bullet University Programs in Speech-Language Pathology (ASLHA certified programs in speech and hearing science; links to ASLHA)


bulletNational Aphasia Association (fact sheets and readings, NAA research, pen pals, and links)
bulletNational Stroke Association (fact sheets, research services, and links)


bulletAmerican Academy of Audiology (current news in audiology, calendar of events, educational trends, and brochures)
bulletAmerican Academy of Otolaryngology
bulletAmercian Otological Society
bulletAssociation for Research in Otolaryngology
bullet Anatomy and Function of the Ear (Department of Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery, University of Washington)
bulletASHA's On-line Guide to Graduate Programs
bulletAudiology Info (links and search engine)
bulletAuraTech (hearing aid devices)
bulletBerger Hearing Aid Museum
bulletBionet.Audiology Newsgroup Home Page
bulletNational Centre for Audiology (Western Ontario University)
bulletCochlear Implant Information
bulletCochlear Fluids Lab - Washington University
bullet Cochlear Mechanics Introduction (Boys' Town National Research Hospital)
bulletCochlear Mechanisms (MIT)
bulletCochlear Physiology Lab
bulletCT images of the ear (link to images on home page)
bulletDeaf World Web (news and links)
bulletEar, Nose, and Throat Information Disorders (Electronic Information for Patients program of the UK Universal Health Service)
bulletEar Structure, Function, and CT Appearance (South Bank University)
bulletEar Surgery Home Page
bullet Powerhouse Museum (Links to sources of cochlear implant issues
bulletElectrocochleography Article
bullet Estimation of Amount of Hearing Loss Due to Age and Amount of Noise Exposure
bulletEuropean Acoustics Association
bulletHearing Aid Research Lab
bulletInternational Commission on Acoustics
bullet Audiological Medicine
bulletJournal of the Acoustical Society of America
bulletLeague for the Hard of Hearing (index to Hearing Rehabilitation Quarterly, research department reports, services, and policy)
bullet McGill University multimedia presentation in Auditory perception.
bulletNational Institute of Deafness and Communicative Disorders
bullet NIH Consensus Statement on Cochlear Implants
bulletOtoscopy Tutorial  (University of Bristol)
bullet Starkey Hearing Research Center(research on hearing from U.C. Berkeley)
bulletSociety for Auditory Intervention Techniques
bulletSound Bytes from the ASA Home Page
bulletText-to-Speech Interface
bulletVirtual Tour of the Ear

   American Sign Language

bulletAmerican Sign Language as a Foreign Language (essay by Sherman Wilcox and Joy Peyton)
bulletAmerican Sign Language Teachers Association
bulletAmerican Sign Language Linguistic Research Report (study of syntactic structure of ASL)
bulletASL Fingerspelling (shareware software)
bullet ASL Interactive Guide (Guide to resources for learning ASL sponsored by the Gallaudet University Laurent Clerc National Deaf Education Center)
bullet Fingerspell Interactive Quiz
bulletNational Center of Sign Language and Gesture Resources
bulletSIGNhear Communication Center (learn ASL on-line)
bullet ASL Dictionary (sign language instruction)


bulletAsperger's Disorder Home Page
bullet Autism: The International Journal of Research and Practice
bulletAutism, MA Department of Education (links to supports and research on autism)
bulletAutism Network International (Site by and for people with Autism)
bullet Autism Research Institute (information and publications on autism and 30 links to autism related sites)
bulletAutism Research Summaries (175 citations)
bulletAutism Resources (news, books, and articles on autism; links to treatment programs, libraries, and organizations)
bulletAutism Resources (organized by region)
bulletAutism Society of America
bulletAutism Spectrum Disorders Site (links maintained bye Bonnie Sayers)
bulletCenter for the Study of Autism
bullet Healthtouch - Health Information: Autism Topics
bulletOnline Asperger Syndrome Information and Support (comprehensive set of resources and links
bulletAutism Independent UK (organizational concerns along with links to description about culture, workshops, autism)


bulletCanadian Stuttering Association (support information, gopher, and links to information on stuttering)
bulletCluttering-Helpful Sites (links to clutterer-helpful sites and resources)
bulletElectronic Speech Therapy Devices for Stuttering and Other Speech Disorders (commerical site from Casa Futura Technologies;  newsletter focusing on equipment for stuttering treatment)
bulletGuerilla Stutterer (social coping strategies with links)
bulletInternational Stuttering Association (information on the Association, information on stuttering, and links)
bulletThe National Center for Stuttering (resources on treatment, research, and training programs including links to other resources on stuttering)
bulletPassing Twice (homepage for gay stutterers)
bulletPrevent Stuttering (commerical site with related essays)
bulletStuttering Foundation of America
bullet Summary of Stuttering (theories of stuttering, treatments, advice for stutterers)


bulletBoys Town National Research Hospital (research center on hearing, speech, language, and learning disorders)
bulletCommunication Disorders and Sciences Library (many links to CD sources)
bulletFrontiers in Bioscience ( A virtual library on bioscience topics with anatomical information)
bullet Journal of Communication Disorders
bulletThe LINGUIST LIST: Speech science sites
bulletSpeech Analysis
bulletSpeech Research Links
bulletUnited Cerebral Palsy (fact sheets, policy issues, information on the Americans with Disabilities Act)

Sources from Other Fields

  Anthropology and Culture:

bullet A Guide to Internet Resources in Anthropology
bulletAnthropology Resources on the Internet
bulletInstitute of Social and Cultural Anthropology
bulletResources in Anthropology and Archeology (links maintained by Vanderbilt University library)

   Education and Special Education:

bulletCampus Technology (on-line magazine and information on technologies to enhance communication in education)
bulletEduCause ( Educause on-line contains articles about information technology and education)
bulletEdWeb (on line resources internationally)
bullet Mental Retardation -- The Arc (fact sheets and news on physically and mentally challenged persons)


bulletBasic Legal Citation (Blue Book) (how to use legal citations)
bullet Behavioral Sciences and the Law
bulletCataLaw (catalog of catalogs on law)
bulletCalifornia Bar Journal
bulletDisorder in the Court (humor about the legal system) 
bulletFind Law
bulletInstitute for Civil Justice (project of the Rand Corporation)
bulletThe Internet Lawyer
bulletPublic Legal: Internet Legal Resource Guide
bulletLaw Links
bulletLaw Links (Snell and Wilmer)
bulletLaw Electrontic Resources (maintained by University of Chicago)
bulletLaw.Com: Law News Network (including on-line journals and newsletters)
bulletThe 'Lectric Law Library
bulletLegal Ethics.com 
bulletLegal Resources on the Net (search tools)
bulletLegal Research on the Internet (maintained at UCLA)
bulletLinks to Criminal Justics Related Sites
bulletMartindale Lawyer Locator
bulletMeta-Index for Legal Research (including search engine)
bulletNational Criminal Justice Reference Service (extensive collections of reports, projects, and studies on criminal justice)
bulletPsychiatry and the Law
bulletU.S. Supreme Court decisions on-line (maintained by FedWorld.gov)
bulletWest Group (resources and search engine)

    Legal Communication Sites

bulletAmerican Society of Trial Consultants Home Page
bulletCommunication Law and Policy
bullet Communication and Legal Expression
bulletJournal of Credibility Assessment and Witness Psychology
bulletJournal of Psychology, Public Policy and the Law
bulletLanguage in the Judicial Process


bulletInternet Health Resources (IHR)
bulletMedicine Online (links to resources and search engines)
bulletMedline Plus  (comprehensive site including over 60,000 images from history of medicine)
bulletMedscape (specializes in infectious diseases, urology, surgery -- free site but registration required)
bulletNational Multiple Sclerosis Society (in addition to organizational information, provides data on speech disorders and dysphagia associated with multiple sclerosis)


bulletAmerican Political Science Association On-line
bulletInternet Sleuth (search engine on law and politics)
bulletPolticial Methodology Homepage  (Society for Political Methodology, American Political Science Association--set of electronic papers, convention presentation abstracts, and links to political sites)


bulletAmerican Psychological Association's Psychology Topics
bullet Resources for Psychologists (research sources in psychology, including articles, newsgroups, databases, and links to research organizations)
bulletPsych Web (links to self-help resources, academic departments, information sheets, and psychology links)
bulletSigmund Freud Archive (information on psychoanalysis)

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