Powerpoint Slides*

bulletIf you run Powerpoint 97 or above, download this zip file.  It contains slides that correspond to the Instructor's Manual and supplemental lectures.

Slides (1 MB)

On the dialog box that appears, select "Save this file to disk" and "Always ask before opening this type of file."  Click "OK."

dnldpp1.gif (8979 bytes)

On the "Save As" dialog box, select a destination file to receive the slides.   Click the "Save" button.

bulletTo unzip your file of Powerpoint slides, follow these instructions.

                From "My Computer" go to the location where you saved the
                zip file.

Double click on the file and it will automatically unzip.

A new folder called "Reinard" will be created.  This folder contains all the Powerpoint slides listed for each chapter (e.g., Ch1.ppt, Ch2.ppt, Ch3.ppt, etc.).   

Start Powerpoint, "Open" the files of interest, and run the selected chapter files.

NOTE:  You should not need to use a separate unzipping program, such as WINZIP.  If you have one, however, this process will move ahead nicely.



* Powerpoint is copyrighted by Microsoft Corporation