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Research Methods


Research Methods Resources


Survey Research Bibliography


Guides to Computation and Explanation of Statistics


Academic Assistance Access (advice in areas including statistics and links to other academic resources on the web)


Bibliography for Computational Probability and Statistics


ERIC Clearinghouse on Assessment and Evaluation (guide to test uses and searching)

bulletStatistics to Use

ABCentral Education (sublist on Statistics)


A Guide to Statistical Computing Resources on the Internet


Statistics Education links


Virtual Library--Statistics Page


Virtual Statistical Assistant

bulletSampling Issues

       Random Assignment of Subjects

       Required Sample Size for Various Tests

        Required Sample Size for Precision of Proportions

        Required Sample Size for Pecision of Proportions

bulletMeasurement and Reliability
        Measurement Theory Frequently Asked Questions

        Test Bias Assessment Program


Selection of Statistical Tools

Choosing a Statistical Test from Intuitive Biostatistics by Harvey Motulsky


Selecting Statistics

Test Selection program from the MODSTAT statistical package.


Statistical Computation Tools and Aids

       Analysis of Variance:

            Oneway ANOVA with graphs

            1 x 3 ANOVA

    1 x 4 ANOVA

    2 x 2 ANOVA

            2 x 3 ANOVA

    2 x 2 ANOVA from summary data

    Factorial ANOVA (from Rweb page, scroll the Analysis
    Menu and select ANOVA)

            1 x 3 Repeated Measures ANOVA

            1 x 4 Repeated Measures ANOVA

        Binomial Approximation of the Normal Distribution

Binomial Probability Calculator

Binomial Distribution

Binomial Test

Binomial Test of Proportions

Calculation of Distribution Tail Areas

Chi Square


        Chi-Square Distribution


        Chi-Square Probabilities with Explantions

        Chi Square Probabilities

            Goodness of FIt

                Chi-Square Goodness of Fit Test

        Chi-Square Goodness of Fit Test

        Chi-Square Goodness of Fit Test (for 8 or fewer

    Tests of Independence

        2 x 2 Contingency Table

        2 x 2 Contingency Table with ancillary statistics

        2 x 2 Contingency Table with ancillary statistics

        Large Table Analysis

For Table of Any Size

        For Table of Any Size (from Rweb page, scroll the
         Analysis Menu, and select Two Way)

    Chi-Square test for equality of distributions


    Biserial and Point-Biserial Correlation

    Comparing Two Correlation Coefficients

    Correlation Coefficient

    Correlation Coefficient

            Correlation Calculator

            Least Squares Line and Transformations

            Least Squares Regression Line and Pearson r

    Least Squares Regression

    Linear Correlation

            Partial Correlation

            Point-Biserial Correlation

            Significance of a Correlation

            Spearman Rank Order Correlation

            Spearman Rank Order Correlation

            Spearman Rank Order Correlation  

        Distribution Calculators, Random Numbers, and Plots

        FAQ on Data Analysis


F distribution

Fisher Exact Test

    2 x2 Fisher Exact Test

    2 x 2 Fisher Exact Test

    2 x 2 Fisher Exact Test

    2 x 5 Fisher Exact Test

    Fisher Exact Test

Friedman Test

Friedman Test

Globally Accessible Statistical Procedures (GASP)

Java Applets for Statistics

Logistic Regression

Log-Linear Analysis

Mann-Whitney U Test

McNemar's test

Median Test

Multiple Regression

    Automatic Multiple Regression

    Cox Proportional Hazards Regression Analysis

    Cox Proportional Hazards Regression Analysis

    Curve Fitting and Forecasting

    Fit Curves to Data

    Multiple Regression and Graphics (on the Rweb page,
     scroll Analysis Menu and select Regression)

    Multiple Regression for 2 Predictor Variables

    Multiple Regression for 3 Predictor Variables

    Multiple Regression for 4 Predictor Variables

    Regression and GLM Calculator

Multivariate Statistics

Multivariate Rregression

Non-Linear Least Squares Curves

Normal Curve

Normal Distribution (and inverse) and Explanations

Normal Distribution with Graphics

Normal, t, Chi-Square, and Binomial Probabilities (from Rweb page, go to Analysis menu, select Probability)

Normal, t, F, Chi-Square, Binomial, and Uniform Probabilities

Normal, t, F, Chi-Square, Binomial, and Poisson Distributions

        Normal, t, Chi-Square, and F Distributions

        Probability Distributions and Plots

Reverse Probability Computations (enter p-value and degrees of freedom and computation returns critical test statistics and correlation coefficients)

Sign Test

16 Tables of Distributions

Student t

Studentized Range Statistics

Studentized Range Statistic and Dunnett's Test

t test

    paired t test, paired t test, paired t test

    two groups t test, two groups t test, two groups t test

    two groups t test with tests for heterogeneous

    two sample calculator

Exhaustive Analysis of 2 x 2 Tables

Wilcoxon Ranked-Sums Test

Wilcoxon Signed Ranks Test

Wilcoxon Signed Ranks Test

bulletCalculation Pages

Expression Evaluator (elements used in many statistical

        Expression Evaluator (type in a numeric expression
        and results of the evaluation is displayed)

        Five function calculator, with memory (looks just
        like a hand calculator)

        Inverse Symbolic Calculator (reports computational
        sources of numbers; e. g., type in 1.2247, program
        reveals it to be the square root of 3 divided by 2)

Martindale's Reference Desk -  Calculators On-Line - Statistics (collection of calculating web pages)

MathServe Calculus Toolkit (from Vanderbilt University)

        Visible Memory Kalculator (visible memory of
        values for use at another time)

The WebMath page

bulletPlotter Pages


Calculator and Plotter 

Parallel Boxplot

Plotter of Functions as a Java Applets

Plotter Page (enter algebraic statement and get a plot)

Plotter of Parametric Curves

Point Pattern Analysis (14 routines for descriptive statistics)

Q-Q Plot


Scatterplot and Accompanying Statistics

Three-Dimensional Plotter

Three-Dimensional Scattergrams


Statistical Functions

 Converting r to Z

bulletConfidence Intervals

C.I. for Binomial and Poisson Distibuted Events

C.I. for Difference between Two Means

C.I. for Proportions

C.I. for Proportions

C.I. for Sample Mean

bulletStatistical Power

Analysis of Variance

ANOVA - Power and Sample Size Analyses

        Multi-way ANOVA Power

       One Sample or Related Samples t Test

        Power vs Sample Size for Surveys

        Power for Survival Outcome Analysis

        Retrospective Power Analysis (after doing
        the test)

       Two Independent Samples t Test

        Two-way ANOVA Power

       Z Test


University Research Department Sources

Center for Basic Research in the Social Sciences at Harvard University

The Institute for Statistics and its Applications at Carnegie Mellon

The Inter-university Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR), at the University of Michigan

        Survey Research Center at the University of Michigan

bulletPrograms and Programming Languages
        Analyze-It (add-on for Microsoft Excel)

      Basic Descriptive Statistics

       Data Applet (descriptive statistics and graphics)

        Descriptive Statistics with stem and leaf displays

        Kovach Computing Services (includes distributing
        shareware statistical packages)

        Mx  (functions for structural equation modeling including
        LISREL, LISCOMP, EQS and CALIS;  very comprehensive)

        NCSS (Number Cruncher Statistical System)

        Rweb (interactive web-based program in the R statistical
        programming language)

SHAZAM (emphasis on econometrics and estimating and testing regression models, including high quality graphics)

Statiscope (descriptive statistics from user entered data)

Summary Statistics, Histograms, and Pearson Correlation

Survey System (software is designed for survey construction and implementation)

WebStat (summary statistics and plots)

Xlisp-Stat expressions (with on-line Xlisp manual and reference guide)

xlSTAT (multivariate package that uses Microsoft Excel)

XLStatistics (Excel notebooks for teaching statistics)


      Advanced Statistical Analysis

        Applied Statistics and Experimental Design

        Behavioral Science Statistics       

        Exploring Data

        Grad Statistics

        Howell,David, Fundamental Statistics for the Behavioral
        Sciences (3rd  ed.)

        HyperStat (introductory level resource)

        HyperStat Online Text

        Hypertext Intro Stat Textbook

      Introduction to Behavioral Research II

        Introduction to Factor Analysis

        Intro Course for Educational Psychologists

        Introduction to Quantitative Methods

        Multivariate Course for Educational Psychology

        SticiGui, short for "Statistical Tools for Internet and
        Classroom Instruction with a Graphical User Interface"
        Statistical Data Analysis
        Statistical Education through Problem Solving (STEPS)
        Statistics (emphasis on interpreting polls)


        STeve's Attempt to Teach Statistics (STATS)

        Teach Modules


        Archives of Statistics Fun
        Statistics Jokes