Inferential Statistics II: Oneway ANOVA

Consider this situation:

Look at the data below and conduct a one-way ANOVA. Use the back of this sheet or attach sheets on which you show your work.

A researcher completed a study to find out the number of "uhs" and "ums" spoken by local television news broadcasters from three local stations. The table below shows the samples from each of network during a period of five days. The number of "uhs" and "ums" counted in each time period is listed in each column.

Network A Network B Network C
Monday 22 20 24
Tuesday 12 18 9
Wednesday 14 11 17
Thursday 12 12 13
Friday 12 13 9


Answer these questions:

1. What is the null hypothesis? ____________________________________________________

2. What was the critical F value? __________________________________________________

3. What degrees of freedom were used for this test? ________________________________

4. What was the observed F statistic? ______________________________________________

5. At alpha risk of .05, was there a statistically significant
    difference among the means of the three groups? _________________________________