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A Guide to Writing and Usage

In grammar school you probably learned the rudiments of writing English. You certainly were taught simple grammar and told the rules of minimally "legal" writing. That background was beneficial, but it probably ignored how to write so that your ideas get the respect they deserve. This guide is designed to give you some survival skills you will need to write scholarship for critical audiences.

Though developing good writing skills is, and should be, a life-long undertaking, there are some immediate steps all of us can take to improve things immediately. This section will give you some very practical advice about ways to enhance your writing. You may find that you already practice many of these skills, but you may want to take the remaining matters to heart to improve your chances of success.

This guide is organized into topics that should help you make progress.

Contents for A Guide to Writing and Usage

bulletWriting Precisely
bulletUsing Precise Words
bulletAvoiding Jargon
bullet Advice for Effective Writing
bulletWords and Phrases to Avoid 
bulletThe Right Word and the Almost Right Word
bulletConfusing Words


bulletWords to Use in Specific Grammatical Form


bulletRevising and Editing Written Work