A Brief Quiz on Chapter 6
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1Nomothetic research is designed to find general laws that apply to many instances.

2Rhetorical criticism is essentially the same as the methods used to review a movie.

3In neo-Aristotelian criticism, the canon of invention refers to the words used by the communicator.

4In the Burkean system, identification refers to the communicator's audience analysis.

5In the narrative paradigm, narrative fidelity is the consistency of new accounts with other stories people have heard.

6Fantasy theme analysis does not attempt to assess the quality of messages.

7The first step in content analysis is selecting coding units and classification systems.

8In content analysis, coding units should be exhaustive classifications, mutually exclusive categories, and use coding rules for placing objects in categories.

9Random sampling involves selecting events at set intervals, such as selecting every tenth newspaper to analyze.

10Content analysis methods are limited since one study cannot be generalized to other categories or topics of content analysis.

11Conversational analysis is a method that considers naturally occurring messages to examine sequential and hierarchical organization, system, and structure using methods that are fairly standard in phonology and linguistics.

12In interaction analysis, a double interact is one person's conversation and the reaction of another.