A Quick Quiz on Chapter 4
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1Plagiarism means using another person's words without giving credit.

2A premise is a statement scholars accept as true.

3Annotations provide additional explanations, comments, evaluations, or criticisms to help understand material that is reviewed or cited.

4Since research is data-based, it is wise to avoid reviewing much past work so that any sudden insights can be used.

5When conducting library research, it is important to note subject tracings to find other subject headings under which a source is listed.

6One reason to review past research is to build arguments.

7It is a good idea to go to the library and do reading for general background before you start looking for specific materials on your topic.

8Research articles usually are good places to find discussions of definitions for important concepts.

9If you do not have extensive background on the subject, the 'general to specific' library research strategy is advisable.

10When you cannot find any research on your topic, you should use the 'known to unknown' method.

11Internet search engines such as Yahoo! replace the need to use hard copy library resources.