Quiz for Chapter 1


1 Basic research uses methods that are different from those used in applied research.

2 A message is the idea a communicator is attempting to get across.

3 Communication research involves studying the transfer of meaning.

4 Unlike written cues, verbal cues are spoken.

5Most qualitative research in our field tends to describe or interpret communication exchanges.

6The National Communication Association was the first national organization to publish research journals.

7Quantitative research is inquiry in which descriptions of observations are expressed exclusively in numerical terms.

8 Serendipity refers to a researcher's finding something of value while looking for something else.

9Research is an argument because it uses evidence.

10Research attempts to find final answers to questions.

11 The personal challenges of communication research require that scholar know how to write clearly.

12 The requirement to be ethical involves a commitment to preserve confidentiality of people participating in the research.

13 Research is driven by our expectations and the power structure.