A Brief Quiz on chapter 12
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1Descriptive statistics are tools that help researchers draw
conclusions about the probable populations from which
samples did or did not belong.

2The mean is the middle score in a distribution.

3The variance is the difference between the highest and lowest scores.

4In essence, the standard deviation is a measure that shows how far scores deviate from the mean on the average.

5Skewness refers to the location of the "hump" of data in a distribution.

6Look at these two symbolsstd1.gif
The first symbol represents the variance of the sample whereas the second symbol represents the variance of the population.

7The standard normal curve is a data distribution that tells the expected value that would be obtained by sampling at random.

8A correlation indicates the presence of a causal relationship.

9Z scores transform actual sample data into units of a distribution with a mean of 0 and a standard deviation of 1.

10A correlation coefficient with a negative sign in front of it indicates a lower correlation than one with a positive sign.

11A Pearson product moment correlation is used when each variable is on the ordinal scale.