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Book website:

    Kahane & Cavender


For a copy of the "Ten Commandments of Speech Preparation" Powerpoint presentation, please download the file indicated below:

Ten Commandments of Speech Preparation

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Spring 2011


Please bring a Scantron form 882. The exam will be composed of modified "fill in the blanks" format questions.  You also may ask yourself up to two questions about class content materials not covered on the exam and answer them in an essay style format. In addition to all the information covered on the first exam, make sure to study the following matters. An emphasis will be placed on evaluation of examples.


What are the steps involved in preparing an oral presentation to develop a case for a policy proposition?

What types of syllogism are there and how may syllogisms be tested for validity (be prepared to evaluate some examples)?

What is the enthymeme and how may it be cast into proper syllogistic form (be prepared to use some examples)?

How may Venn diagrams be used to assess arguments?

What is the Toulmin model?

What are the standards for assessing grounds (reliability , accuracy, quality, consistency, and audience acceptability)?

What are the following argument types and what are their tests (be prepared to assess examples of them)?

Argument from cause

Argument from sign

Argument from generalization

Argument from parallel case

Argument from analogy

Argument from authority

Argument from dilemma

What are the fallacies of reasoning (be prepared to identify examples)?