Shea Wilfred Bruschke
      December 1, 2006


     We remember his touch, his scent. 
        We most deeply mourn his loss.

NOTE: Due to the threat of rain, the picnic following the ceremony has been moved to the restaurant at the Fullerton Marriott and is no longer at the Carbon Canyon park.

We will have a memorial service for all our friends on the south lawn of the Fullerton arboretum on Sunday, DECEMBER 17th at noon.  The service will be followed by a lunch at the Fullerton Marriott..  We will have an open house (shiva) for out-of-town guests that evening.  We will have an all-day open house (shiva) for our in-town friends on Saturday the 16th and Monday the 18th.  Details are below.  Immediate family members will be contacted about a private graveside service the morning of the 18th.

Please RSVP at the link below

Memorial Service        Graveside Service        At home/shiva

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