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Shea W. Bruschke Memorial Service

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I am the debate coach at CSU, Fullerton and an Associate Professor in the Human Communication Studies Department.  My life has been quadrasected below for your browsing pleasure.


I am the father of Milo, the rocker pictured above.  His birth album is here, and his mother maintains WebMo.

I am a very enthusiastic of dubious talent; the Mary's Garage Band web page lists the details.

My wife (below) is named Fred; our wedding announcement and her subsequent disclaimer can be found here.

My series of failures as a fantasy baseball manager are chronicled on the ASFBL website.

I have spent an inordinate amount of time on original Baseball research


My cat recently passed away, but she was the best cat ever.  Here's Eadie:



My primary area of interest is pretrial publicity; Bill Loges and I have recently completed a book on the subject, published by Lawrence Erlbaum.

Here is my co-author's NPR inteview.

Here are some convention papers, not available elsewhere:

A critical analysis of the Jerry Springer show.

A communicative analysis of baseball salaries.

What makes an argument a good argument?

How pretrial publicity influences trial outcomes.

A comparison of argument and political factors in predicting appellate case outcomes.

2001 WSCA panel on debate outreach.

MEdia Trial Synthesis project - a comprehensive pretrial publicity research program.

A slightly dated VITA.



Visit the Speech and Debate team homepage.

Our program supports the Southern California Urban Debate League, an outreach program making debate available to all in Orange County.

The Arizona Debate Institute is the premier summer debate camp for collegiate competitors.

Some dated theory blocks are available here for all to peruse, use, and abuse.

The Debate Bible has not aged as well as its Christian counterpart, but has some good ideas.

My friend David Snowball has allowed us to post his debate text on the web.



All course materials are now available on Blackboard.

The Andersen Research Center has many important tools.

Here are some Tips for College Writing and Style Notes.  Both will help you if you read them before writing papers.

Basketball stats, for the 308 and 500 courses.

Customer 001 at Pepe's data.

When a Stranger Calls data.

Pictures of interactions.

Reliability/factor analysis data

Qualitative Research lecture

Mood Stability Data

500 Course overview powerpoint

History of argument powerpoint

Faber & Gronbeck readings

HComm 335, Fall 2004