Research Methodologies

I AM FASCINATED by research methods. Methodology is dependent upon the theoretical grounding from which questions are asked, as well as what we want to know. Both qualitative and quantitative methods can help us understand mediated and unmediated human communication.

Qualitative Research Software

Apple Bullet Image ATLAS, software for visual qualitative data analysis, manaement, and model building
Apple Bullet Image C-I-Said, a speech and document analytical package.
Apple Bullet Image Ethnograph, a text-based qualitative data analysis package.
Apple Bullet Image HyperRESEARCH, a package for coding, building theories, and conducting data analyses.
Apple Bullet Image winMAX, software that supports grounded theory.
Apple Bullet Image

QSR N6 and NVivo, software for coding, building theories, and analyzing text-based and multi-media data.


Quantitative Research Software

Apple Bullet Image The SAS System
Apple Bullet Image SPSS

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