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Minutes of Annual Business Meeting, November 12, 2001, Seattle, WA

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Officer Attendees:

Lori Charron, Membership

Frank Dance, Planni ng

Clark Germann, Co-Chair

Karen Lohler, Planning

Tasha VanHorn, Publications

J.D. Wallace, Membership

Dennis Wignall, Publications

Diane Witmer, Co-Chair




Call to Order

Clark Germann called the meeting to order at 11:00 a.m.


II. Program Report

A.     The program report was given by Frank Dance and Karen Lohler, Planning Co-Chairs.

B.     Rapid Review: This year’s use of Rapid Review program made planning the 2001 NCA convention program extremely labor intensive and stressful. Rapid Review was not effective and will not be used for next year’s NCA convention planning.

C.     Approximately 60 papers were submitted for the 2001 NCA convention. There were four judges (readers) which ranked the submissions. HCTC submitted 20 panels to NCA for the 2001 convention. 16 were accepted plus the business meeting.


Publication Report

A. The publications report was given by Tasha VanHorn and Dennis Wignall.

B. A 10-page newsletter was sent out via email to HCTC members.

The newsletter will also be posted on the HCTC website.

C. There was a discussion regarding the difficulty of obtaining a current HCTC membership list from NCA. It was reported that HCTC will receive its own membership list, but NCA does charge a substantial fee for membership lists of other NCA divisions.

D. Dennis Wignall reported that there was a 25 % return on the newsletter due to inaccurate email addresses.

E. Members suggested that HCTC network with other divisions to share membership lists.

F. A plea was made to for members to contribute articles to the newsletter.

G. Van Horn and Wignall suggested that the HCTC “archive” its materials on the HCTC website.

H. Diane Witmer indicated that she would keep the responsibility of the web-site and would place the archive on it if the information was given to her.


Recruitment and Membership Report

A.     The Recruitment and Membership report was given by J.D. Wallace and Lori Charron.

B.     HCTC member, Ulla Bunz, suggested that HCTC reach out to members of the Internet Researchers Association (an international organization) who has their convention in Europe this year. She is currently compiling a list serve of internet researchers from which HCTC could draw.


Legislative Council

Currently NCA is exploring changing its constitution. Changes proposed are:

1. There will no longer a differentiation between division and commission.

2. Those with membership between 100 – 500 will all be considered a division.

This will expand the number of representatives on the legislative council.

3. Caucuses will have 1 representative and divisions will have 2. – HCTC members are encouraged to read about all the changes to the new constitution.

Additional information is posted on NCA’s website.

The question was raised regarding the impact of NCA’s funding to HCTC.

It was discussed that the Chairs should inquire as to the name of our current representative on the legislative council.


HCTC Officers for next year

A.                 The following people were nominated: Ulla Bunz, Noemi Marin, Mary Wiemannn.

B.                 Voting for the Recruitment and Membership Co-Officers took place.

C.                 Mary Wiemann and Noemi Marin were elected.

D.                 Voting for the Student Representative position also took place: Scott D’Urso was nominated and elected. The co-chairs will craft a proposal and present the change to the by-laws to officially recognize the HCTC student representative.

E.                  HCTC Officers for 2001-2002 are:


      • Frank Dance, University of Denver, CO
      • Karen Lollar, University of Denver, CO


Co-Vice Chairs, Program Planning:

      • Tasha Van Horn, Citrus College, CA
      • Dennis Wignall, Saginaw Valley State University, MI


Co-Vice Chairs, Publications:

         Lori Charron, Concordia University, MN

         James D. Wallace, Pepperdine University, CA


2001-2002 Co-Vice Chairs: Publicity and Membership:

      • Mary Wiemann, Santa Barbara College, CA
      • Noemi Marin, Florida Atlantic University, FL


Student Representative:

         Scott D’Urso


NCA Legislative Council

Discussion was held as to who would represent HCTC on the NCA Legislative Council if the newly proposed constitution was approved. The discussion analyzed possible solutions. It was moved, seconded, and approved that, if the newly proposed constitution is enacted, the outgoing chairs would represent HCTC on the legislative council.


Next year’s convention:

“Communication in Action” will be the theme for the next convention. It was suggested that members should try to propose joint sponsored panels – ideas for those such panels should be directed to Tasha VanHorn and Dennis Wignall. Deadline is Feb. 15th and all proposals should be sent to Dennis Wignall.


Meeting adjournment

Meeting was adjourned at 11:07 a.m.





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September 5, 2002