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The name of this organization shall be the Human Communication and Technology Division.

The purpose of this Division will be to promote research and study in the area of technology and communication in the university and corporate environment.  The Division is concerned with the broad spectrum of issues relevant to this field.

Membership is open to members in good standing of NCA, who are interested in the area of technology and communication and who register such interest with the NCA National Office by selecting this Division (#29) for membership.

The Officers of the Division must be voting members and will consist of the Chairpersons (2), the Vice Chairpersons for Program Planning (2), the Vice Chairpersons for Publications (2), the Vice Chairpersons for Publicity and Membership (2), and the Immediate Past Chairpersons.  The Founding Members will be members of this body, and named Founding Chairpersons as a continuing title, but will be non-voting members, after leaving officer ranks.  Paper Reviewers will be appointed by officers and /or program planners.  For the direction and the consistency of this Division, 2 persons form the Founding and the Charter Members will serve as guides, along with elected members.

The Chairpersons shall have the authority to request funds for the PICA office and to authorize release of the Division funds.  The Chairpersons shall preside at the business meetings of the Division as well as appoint and empower Ad Hoc Committees as necessary.  Upon retirement, the Chairpersons will have the tiles of Past Chairpersons for one year.

The Program Planner Vice Chairpersons will succeed to the Office of Chairpersons after serving the year with the following duties.  They will serve as program planner and take the responsibility for finding paper readers to jury the manuscripts and programs.  They will attend the appropriate meetings for program planners and submit the appropriate number ad selection of programs.

The Publications Vice Chairpersons will succeed to the Office of Program Planning after serving the year with the following duties.  They will serve as editors, producers and distributors of the Division newsletters.  A newsletter will be distributed to the membership following the annual business meeting(s) and another newsletter will be mailed before the next annual convention.

The Publicity and Membership Vice Chairpersons will be elected each year at the annual meeting.  Minutes and agendas will be distributed at the annual meeting.  They will also work to increase membership in the Division and maintain membership lists.

Paper Reviewers will be elected or appointed at the Annual Business Meeting.

New officers will be elected by a majority vote those voting members present at the Annual Business Meeting.  Those persons may nominate themselves or be nominated form the floor at the meeting.

In the event of vacation of an office, the Executive Board will be empowered to appoint an individual to fill the vacancy.

The Annual Business Meeting(s) will be held annually during the Fall NCA Convention.

The Executive Board will consist of the current Chairpersons and Vice Chairpersons and the Immediate Past Chairpersons.  Charter members can be called upon for council, but will be non-voting.

The Executive Board will act in the stead  of the organization between Annual Business Meetings.

The Executive Board is empowered to appoint ad hoc committees as needed.  Ad hoc committees will exist for no longer than one calendar year.  Ad hoc committee members may be reappointed.

This document will be adopted by a vote of the members on a write in ballot which will appear in a  newsletter after the Division is in place.

Amendments to this document must be presented at least 30 days prior to an annual meeting to the Vice Chairpersons.  The Vice Chairpersons will distribute them via mail to the membership prior to the annual meeting.  An opportunity to discuss proposed amendments must be provided at an annual meeting prior to the vote on the proposed amendment.

A majority of the voting members responding to a business meeting or a mailed ballot is necessary for the adoption of an amendment.

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November 27, 2002