Web Authoring Resources

CREATING A WEB SITE can be a little overwhelming at first, but there's lots of help available. You'll find plenty of great Web-based tutorials and references on HTML, style guides for Web pages, and ready-to-go graphic elements on the Web. One terrific listing of resources is available at the Web Weavers Page at Numerical Aerodynamic Simulation, NASA.

This page lists just a few of the many other Web sites that offer a huge variety of tools and information. Helpful resources for Web site design and development are springing up every day--certainly, faster than I can keep up with them. Internet.com maintains an extensive list of resources.

Learning Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)

Apple Bullet Image Beginners Guide to HTML, University of Illinios, Urbana-Champaign
Apple Bullet Image Dave's Interactive Tutorial for Beginners
Apple Bullet Image Form Tutor, Joe Barta, Professional Web Design
Apple Bullet Image HTML Quick Reference, The University of Kansas
Apple Bullet Image An HTML Reference Guide, Northern Illinois University English Department
Apple Bullet Image Introduction to HTML by Ian Graham at the University of Toronto
Apple Bullet Image

Table Sampler, Netscape


Style and Netiquette

John Updike declared that most of the Information Superhighway is road kill. Don't get caught in the headlights! Make a splash in cyberspace, not a splatter, by following the basic guidelines of style and netiquette. Here are a few resources to guide you on the road to designing good Web pages:

Apple Bullet Image Composing Good HTML by James "Eric" Tilton
Apple Bullet Image Evaluating Web Resources by Jan Alexander and Marsha Ann Tate
Apple Bullet Image Seven C's of WebService Design, University of Georgia, by Albert DeSimone, Jr., Dr. Walter B. McRae, and The Georgia Web Group
Apple Bullet Image Sucky to Savvy by Jeffrey M. Glover
Apple Bullet Image Top Ten Ways To Tell If You Have A Sucky Home Page by Jeffrey M. Glover
Apple Bullet Image Web Pages that Suck, Vincent Flanders
Apple Bullet Image Wired Style, a dynamic, ongoing discussion of Wired Style: Principles of English Usage in the Digital Age


You don't have to be an artist to put together an effective Web page. The number of graphic and audio elements that are available on the Web can boggle the mind. The following sites will get you started on finding amazing assortments of bars, buttons, icons, textures, and background colors. This list represents some archives and libraries that I've found particularly helpful.


Apple Bullet Image Free-Backbrounds.com
Apple Bullet Image

Pattern Land


Bars, Buttons, & Graphics

Apple Bullet Image The Graphics Station
Apple Bullet Image Iconz's
Apple Bullet Image Images_and_Icons, Web Developer's Virtual Library
Apple Bullet Image

Yahoo Listings of Free Graphics


Adobe Photoshop

Apple Bullet Image Complete List of Photoshop Tips, Laurie McCanna
Apple Bullet Image Hands-On Training by Doc Ozone
Apple Bullet Image Photoshop, Training at York University, Canada
Apple Bullet Image

Webmonkey Photoshop Crash Course by Jim Frew


Help with Color

Apple Bullet Image Mediarama's WWW Color Page Builder converts RGB color codes to hexadecimal tags.
Apple Bullet Image

Javascript Color Picker by Scott Yanoff is designed to select and code colors from the 216-color palette that most browsers support.


Java Resources

Java technology by Sun Microsystems has become a popular way to add interactivity and interest to a Web site. The following brief list can help get you started in using Java.


Apple Bullet Image The Sun Microsystem Java Technology Home Page
Apple Bullet Image The Java Boutique
Apple Bullet Image



Macromedia Flash

Macromedia Flash and Shockwave add interest and interactivity to Web sites. The Flash and Shockwave players are available on the Macromedia Web site as free downloads. Macromedia also makes a 30-day trial version of Flash available on its site. Other resources for authoring Flash animations and interactive pages include the following:


Apple Bullet Image The Macromedia Flash Support Center
Apple Bullet Image Flashkit
Apple Bullet Image Macromedia Flash Basics at Webreference.com

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