Diving Presentation at the Aquarium of the Pacific

SCUBA Diving

WHEN I'M NOT WORKING on research, teaching, or pondering the Internet, my favorite thing is SCUBA diving. I'm a PADI assistant instructor and an AAUS scientific diver, affiliated with the California State University Ocean Studies Institute (OSI). OSI is part of a consortium of universities that form the Southern California Marine Institute (SCMI). In that capacity, I've been helping with data collection for work at the Zacherl Lab, which is housed in the Department of Biological Science, right here at Cal State Fullerton.

Every week, I spend a few hours working as a dive volunteer at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, where I help feed the animals, clean the exhibits, and give educational presentations on kelp and coral conservation. I also volunteer with the California Coastkeeper Alliance, and help "plant" Giant Kelp (macrocystis pyrifera) as part of a Regional Kelp Forest Restoration Program along the Orange County coastline.

If you're interested in SCUBA diving, we have opportunities right here on campus. Check out our very own CSUF student organization, Titan Divers.

I love taking pictures of the wonders of the deep but of course, I see all the best stuff when my camera's at home! You can view some of my favorite underwater pictures (so far) by clicking on the thumbnails below.

More underwater pictures are available at http://www.witmercom.com.

Giant Sea Bass & Diver Bat Stars with Red & Purple Sea Urchins Cadlna Nudibranch California Moray Eel C-O Sole Garibaldi
Male Garibaldi & Nest Kellet's Whelk Eggs Giant Kelpfish Lingcod Navanax Norris Topsnail
Octopus Salps Salted Dorid Sea Hares Mating Sharks at Walker's Cay Spanish Shawl
California Spiny Lobster Sunflower Sea Star Adult Treefish Warty Sea Cucumber Kelp Rockfish Blue Banded Goby
Dorid Eggs Giant Keyhole Limpet Purple Striped Jelly Cup Corals, Oil Rig Ellen Zoanthids & Sea Life, Oil Rig Eureka Sea Lemon
Male & Female Sheephead Wrasses Juvenile Treefish Wavy Turban Snail Spotted Kelpfish Casino Point Underwater Park Golden Gorgonian & Brown Gorgonian
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